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Mistress Nolan

Hello all I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been kinda busy with work so not much has been going on in my SL. The one major new thing is I now have a pet of my own the lovely Jori Tokyo! Jori is so very wonderful and thanks to my equally wonderful Mistress I have become her proud owner. So far we’ve done a lot of stuff together and every time she always makes it a thrill to be with her. I’ll try to start adding some of our adventures her but she does a very good job covering them on her blog here. Well for now that’s all I have so I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my love Jori.


Mistress Jenna said...

You both look fabulous together!

Mistress Jenna said...

I am jealous that she gets to be with you.

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