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Maid Training and Hot Springs

Hello again anyone who may be reading this it’s me again! So the last few days have been fairly interesting for me filled with lots of different things. Recently Mistress restarted my maid training so she’s been testing me and teaching me the ins and outs of being a good maid.

So far I’m not doing very well I’ve had two nights as a maid and ended up being punished for not curtseying properly and neglecting my duties with Soren. My legs are still Soar from the curtsey drill we ran the other night and I can still taste Soren on my mouth after giving her a little anal stimulations for her first milking.

Even though I haven’t been doing the best I am enjoying Mistress’s training she is really good at turning sissies into maids and I love pleasing her. Last night Mistress decided that we deserved a break from training and took us all to the hot springs! It was so nice to sit and relax with my Mistress and family that I think we all had a good time.

So here’s some pictures from last night at the hot springs and I hope you all enjoy whoever you are!



11:56 AM

History Of Nolan part II

Shortly after our first real encounter and Mistress collaring my friend Djinn she ended up collaring my other friend Emma. I didn’t know it at the time but she says she wanted to collar me as well. However being the brat that I am I just felt very left out and started what Mistress calls my Mistress hating phase.

Mostly during this time I hung out around the FFU causing trouble whenever I could and teasing the other subs. I ended up teasing subs so much that people kept telling me I should be a Dom and feeling like I didn’t have anything else to do I tried it. This is also around the same time I met another two of my good friends BB and Mistress’s head maid Reanne. At this time everyone was getting ready for Mistress’s wedding to her long time sub Ashe and were all participating in some way.

After Mistress’s wedding her and her family Djinn, Emma, Reanne, and Ashe were all off doing things for the honeymoon. It pretty much left just me and BB alone at the FFU for a few days and I realized I liked BB a lot. So while teasing her one night I decided to go ahead and collar her as my first real sub. BB and I didn’t really last long I didn’t really enjoy being a dom and ended up offending everyone at the FFU. So I left and unfairly took BB with me.

After I left the FFU BB found out that Emma really had a thing for her and that she was willing to try doming just to have her back. I couldn’t honestly let BB say no knowing that my heart really wasn’t in being a dom so I told her it was ok. Emma talked to Mistress and Mistress agreed to release her so her and BB could be together.

After pissing everyone off at the FFU I felt so hated that for a short time I left SL completely. I tried not to think about it but eventually I couldn’t resist coming back but not to the FFU.

11:56 AM

Night On The Town

Hey people your friendly neighborhood sissy here just saying hi! Last night I hung out with my Mistress and the rest of the fam pretty much except for Reanne. Most the night was spent shopping and I think pretty much everyone ended up getting something.

Mistress got a sexy little purple dress that she looks amazing in while I picked up a bunny girl outfit that most her subs have a version of. I’m the green bunny! I also picked up a bulge pack from Epi-Scene to make my cute little pink panties look a little more filled out ;)

Maxie Mistress’s slutty sub now picked up an outfit too while we were out to make her look a little more slutty. After our shopping we all headed back to the house and pretty much spent the rest of the night chatting and trying to figure out how to get my new bulges texture to match my panties. All in all it was a good night and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people in SL. Well that’s it for now hope you enjoyed reading and till next time. Bye!


2:29 PM

History Of Nolan

Who is Nolan well he was a boy just wandering around second life for a long time. I did a lot of different things on my way to finding a place in SL including a lot of shopping. The first time I met my Mistress I’m sure I was more of an annoyance then a potential sub to her. I always seem to rub people the wrong way to start but if they hang around me long enough I guess I grow on them.

The first major in counter I had with Mistress Cohen was with a couple friends Djinn and Emma. One night we were all hanging around the FFU and a Mistress came in looking for subs to tease and possibly claim. I was so scared of actually be claimed back then I made up excuses just to get out of it. The three of us ended up going back to the Mistress’s home for a while and while there she made her intention clear that she wanted us all as pets.

I panicked and along with Emma made up an excuse why I couldn’t be collared by her and why Djinn was a much better choice. She ended up letting me and Emma go and collar Djinn chaining her up that very night. Shortly after that I ran into Mistress Cohen who had been wanting to collar Djinn but hadn’t had the time to. After we told her what happened I could tell she was very upset with us when she left to go find the Mistress who had claimed Djinn and try to get her back.

After that I was fairly certain Mistress hated me which sucked because even back then I was interested in her. Mistress went and got Djinn back the same day she heard what Emma and I had done to her and collared her making me a very jealous boy. For now all I could do was watch as Djinn and Mistress started their relationship and I was still alone.

10:41 AM

Maidy's Emporium!

Good morning people being off work till January has left me with a lot of time on my hands hence the blog and a lot of shopping! I picked up another new dress this time from Maidy's Emporium one of my Mistress's favorite place for sissy dresses. It's a cute pick and frilly dress with lots of option for different skirts and sleeves and such making it kinda worth the 900L price tag because it's actually like 10 different dresses. Anyway here's the pics of the first dress i pieced together with this set i think it's cute but judge for yourself. Enjoy!

11:55 AM


Hey folks! Shopping update i hit kata0nik today and picked up this cute dress and the boots after my friends Reanne and BB left me all alone for rl. So when bored shop i say and shop i did finding another cute outfit at katat0nik one of my favorite stores. I have just about everything they offer there so i recomend anyone looking for cute colorful dresses swing by there and check out their selection. Oh and the hair is once again from DK(Deviant Kitties). Well that's it for now...Oh wait one more thing most the pics i have been taking where taken at the FFU which as of late has turned into a very intresting place with lots of great veiws and scenes. Anyway check it out too if you haven't already and enjoy!

3:24 PM

Second Outfit Today

I shop alot! So with that being said here's my second new outfit our the day a cute pink babydoll dress from Earth & Sky Design. It's too cute with the hair i'm wearing from ETD (Elika Tiramisu Designs) a long time favorite place of mine for hair and some match pink heels from I.O. (Indyra Originals) which is also a super great shop for outfits. The skin is from Dutch Touch i new shop for me this is my first skin from there but i'm looking it so far, anyway that's it for now but i'm still shopping so there might be more to come. Enjoy!

11:14 AM

New Dress!

Hello again it's me thought i'd share a new purchase because i love to shop and find new things in sl. Here is a couple pictures of my new dress it's a cute blue lolita/sissy style dress from Wishbox along with a hair i love from DK (Deviant Kitties). My skin is from another great shop Den-Dou with a small but good selection of skins and my eyes are from their vampire colection Red & Vilolet pack. The shoes are one of my Mistress's favs from KatatOnik and i really do like the way this outfit turned out. Enjoy!

8:18 PM


Hello internet world yes i've started a blog...for what reason i have no idea. Anyway i'll write stuff here and maybe people will read if not oh well i guess i'll being blogging to myself. This blog will mostly be about me and what goes on in my secondlife along with any other random junk i decided to throw on here. So stay tuned or i guess i should say tune in to see what happens in my secondlife!

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