11:56 AM

Night On The Town

Hey people your friendly neighborhood sissy here just saying hi! Last night I hung out with my Mistress and the rest of the fam pretty much except for Reanne. Most the night was spent shopping and I think pretty much everyone ended up getting something.

Mistress got a sexy little purple dress that she looks amazing in while I picked up a bunny girl outfit that most her subs have a version of. I’m the green bunny! I also picked up a bulge pack from Epi-Scene to make my cute little pink panties look a little more filled out ;)

Maxie Mistress’s slutty sub now picked up an outfit too while we were out to make her look a little more slutty. After our shopping we all headed back to the house and pretty much spent the rest of the night chatting and trying to figure out how to get my new bulges texture to match my panties. All in all it was a good night and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people in SL. Well that’s it for now hope you enjoyed reading and till next time. Bye!



Mistress Jenna said...

How awesome! You are such a cute bunny! I must have that outfit!!!

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