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History Of Nolan

Who is Nolan well he was a boy just wandering around second life for a long time. I did a lot of different things on my way to finding a place in SL including a lot of shopping. The first time I met my Mistress I’m sure I was more of an annoyance then a potential sub to her. I always seem to rub people the wrong way to start but if they hang around me long enough I guess I grow on them.

The first major in counter I had with Mistress Cohen was with a couple friends Djinn and Emma. One night we were all hanging around the FFU and a Mistress came in looking for subs to tease and possibly claim. I was so scared of actually be claimed back then I made up excuses just to get out of it. The three of us ended up going back to the Mistress’s home for a while and while there she made her intention clear that she wanted us all as pets.

I panicked and along with Emma made up an excuse why I couldn’t be collared by her and why Djinn was a much better choice. She ended up letting me and Emma go and collar Djinn chaining her up that very night. Shortly after that I ran into Mistress Cohen who had been wanting to collar Djinn but hadn’t had the time to. After we told her what happened I could tell she was very upset with us when she left to go find the Mistress who had claimed Djinn and try to get her back.

After that I was fairly certain Mistress hated me which sucked because even back then I was interested in her. Mistress went and got Djinn back the same day she heard what Emma and I had done to her and collared her making me a very jealous boy. For now all I could do was watch as Djinn and Mistress started their relationship and I was still alone.


Mistress Jenna said...

Awwww... sweety your time will come.

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