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History Of Nolan part II

Shortly after our first real encounter and Mistress collaring my friend Djinn she ended up collaring my other friend Emma. I didn’t know it at the time but she says she wanted to collar me as well. However being the brat that I am I just felt very left out and started what Mistress calls my Mistress hating phase.

Mostly during this time I hung out around the FFU causing trouble whenever I could and teasing the other subs. I ended up teasing subs so much that people kept telling me I should be a Dom and feeling like I didn’t have anything else to do I tried it. This is also around the same time I met another two of my good friends BB and Mistress’s head maid Reanne. At this time everyone was getting ready for Mistress’s wedding to her long time sub Ashe and were all participating in some way.

After Mistress’s wedding her and her family Djinn, Emma, Reanne, and Ashe were all off doing things for the honeymoon. It pretty much left just me and BB alone at the FFU for a few days and I realized I liked BB a lot. So while teasing her one night I decided to go ahead and collar her as my first real sub. BB and I didn’t really last long I didn’t really enjoy being a dom and ended up offending everyone at the FFU. So I left and unfairly took BB with me.

After I left the FFU BB found out that Emma really had a thing for her and that she was willing to try doming just to have her back. I couldn’t honestly let BB say no knowing that my heart really wasn’t in being a dom so I told her it was ok. Emma talked to Mistress and Mistress agreed to release her so her and BB could be together.

After pissing everyone off at the FFU I felt so hated that for a short time I left SL completely. I tried not to think about it but eventually I couldn’t resist coming back but not to the FFU.


Mistress Jenna said...

Wow, such a sad story. It is really nice to hear you open yourself and pour out your emotions like this. I am really feeling for you girl. I know what its like to be both alone and lonely. That's the worst. Thank you for writing this, I know how hard that must have been to recall these memories.

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