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Maid Training and Hot Springs

Hello again anyone who may be reading this it’s me again! So the last few days have been fairly interesting for me filled with lots of different things. Recently Mistress restarted my maid training so she’s been testing me and teaching me the ins and outs of being a good maid.

So far I’m not doing very well I’ve had two nights as a maid and ended up being punished for not curtseying properly and neglecting my duties with Soren. My legs are still Soar from the curtsey drill we ran the other night and I can still taste Soren on my mouth after giving her a little anal stimulations for her first milking.

Even though I haven’t been doing the best I am enjoying Mistress’s training she is really good at turning sissies into maids and I love pleasing her. Last night Mistress decided that we deserved a break from training and took us all to the hot springs! It was so nice to sit and relax with my Mistress and family that I think we all had a good time.

So here’s some pictures from last night at the hot springs and I hope you all enjoy whoever you are!




Mistress Jenna said...

Nice! That looks sooooooo relaxing.

seo crossing said...

Nice seems to be Hot and relaxed moments.
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